Galileo at ENSUPEH!

It´s time for our students to have fun while learning and practicing English! It´s time to have a theater play in English!

Watching theater teaches us about people, places and ideas to which we wuold not otherwise be exposed. It is a great way to learn. The students remain motivated before and after the experience. What a great, highly effective and fun way to learn! Enrich your school life and student experience!

Over the last 20 years, ArtSpot has visited 20 countries, held 5,600 performances and its plays have been watched by 1.5 million students.

This year we are glad to present to you a wonderful play!! GALILEO! Come to enjoy and have fun with us! You can´t miss it! Friday November 11th, 14:00 hrs at Centro Cultural del Magisterio, Pachuca, Hgo.